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4 Hidden Risks of Relying on Unsupported Software

February 28, 20242 min read

Relying on outdated systems is a type of ticking time bomb as it is since they can be unreliable. But to use any system, new or legacy, without proper support channels in place is a risk too significant for most business owners to take. 

The Hidden Risks of Relying on Unsupported Software

System Downtime and Crashes

If your backup solution needs to be updated, and the systems they help keep secure fail, there is a significant likelihood that you'll lose valuable data. Losing any data is a problem, but explicitly losing customer or sales data could be catastrophic for many businesses. 

And if your system is constantly crashing, that can also affect business. Customers expect instant, error-free, and dependable access to information -- so a system crash is undesirable, to say the least. Many customers will not think twice about going elsewhere if system crashes and the subsequent downtime prohibits them from getting what they need. 

Gaps in Data Security

Regular software updates are paramount for maintaining security. Using outdated and unsupported software leaves your company open to cyber-attacks. 

Cyber-attacks and potential data breaches can have catastrophic reputational and financial consequences. Research shows that over 560,000 new pieces of malware threats are detected each day. If your technology is not adequately supported, your risk increases exponentially. 

Declines in Productivity

Legacy systems take more time to perform and complete tasks and need more attention from administrators in the form of patches, updates, and support tickets. Repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and critical security fixes can quickly eat up valuable hours of productivity. Due to productivity declines, those who still rely on legacy systems lose weeks or months annually.

You get a lot more out of productive people than you do from those who spend parts of their day just trying to get their equipment to operate correctly. 

Compliance Issues

Using obsolete and unsupported software puts you at risk of being out of compliance. Auditors can fine companies that fail to transition from unsupported software or legacy systems.

Rising Costs

While it's true that moving to an up-to-date custom solution requires an upfront investment, repairing an outdated system requires costly ongoing maintenance and repair. The older a system gets, the more expensive it will be to maintain. 

Upgrade Your Software, or Upgrade Your Support


Organizations that invest in replacing outdated legacy systems can avoid many of the risks associated with their use. But because upgrades aren't always feasible, sometimes it's necessary to rely on older systems for some time. If you need more years out of your legacy systems, you'll need a top-notch support team. 

Whether you need support for your existing systems or are ready to upgrade to cutting-edge technology, schedule a consultation with ETHANY today to ensure your tech works for you, not against you. 

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