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Mitigating Risks in Nuclear Energy Supplier Management with ETHANY

February 28, 20242 min read

When choosing suppliers in Nuclear Energy, it becomes especially important to align the business with partners that are committed to growing alongside the Nuclear Energy Plant(s). These suppliers will be willing to take on new business and can see the long game and the potential for larger and larger orders during growth. 

Looking out for Risky Suppliers

This is far easier said than done as each supplier might have their own supply chain issues, staffing issues, etc. that can’t hold up to the Nuclear Energy operational needs in the not so distant future. 

Those issues aside, there are also standards and certifications constantly being updated, changed, and shifted for the changing world. While the challenge now becomes two fold with the supplier having to mitigate their supply chain and the governing body’s standards.

One supplier may seem like the best solution with the lowest price, but their missing qualification could cause the Nuclear Energy Plant to have to stall and reconfigure for a new supplier. With the plan now halted and the money spent on two types of supplies to do one job - can this risk be mitigated from the start?

Risk Free Supplier Selection

With the challenge being an endless number of suppliers for one simple piece of the puzzle, how can a Nuclear Energy Plant move forward risk free?

It’s actually quite simple, the answer is the ETHANY Qualified Suppliers list (eQSL). While it may sound just like a list of suppliers that are pre-approved, it is actually much more comprehensive.

The eQSL allows buyers to download reports of given suppliers with current history, any prior names they might have used, current or overdue certifications, evaluation status, current commodity code (no more dealing with customs because a supplier tried to get crafty), knowledge if any other plant within your business has been ordering from them and much more information.

Providing all of this information upfront gives buyers (and the company) the confidence that their chosen supplier will come without the risk that a blind search could. The end-result being a network of strong suppliers that are committed to growing the Nuclear Energy Business.



With over 35 years of developing solutions and qualified suppliers lists for the Nuclear Industry, ETHANY has been the chosen solution to break down the barrier between people and technology. 

While both are constants in any business, the ETHANY approach allows technology to do the heavy lifting so that a company can establish real relationships with the right people.

Begin your journey with ETHANY and the eQSL system today by contacting our team for a free consultation.

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