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Quality and security are paramount in the nuclear industry, and your company must comply with regulations and follow established quality assurance procedures. Ethany’s Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking (SQPDT) monitors supplier performance to reduce the cost of managing risk while driving continuous improvement that increases operational efficiency. Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking consolidates supplier performance with receipt inspection information from 38 nuclear plants across the industry to give subscribers a complete picture.

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  • SQPDT1

    Helps Meet NRC Regulations for Quality Assurance

    Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking meets or exceeds every NRC requirement for monitoring supplier performance and helps you identify deficient suppliers quickly and easily. The Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking solution allows you to track a supplier’s performance across the entire industry, so you have additional insight into the supplier’s complete track record and any outstanding issues.

  • SQPDT2

    Manages Compliance Audit Information

    Using information from the utility audits in conjunction with NUPIC information, your team can determine if a Supplier Corrective Action needs to be issued, and your buyers can make the best choice for delivering the quality you need.

  • SQPDT3

    Simple, Secure, Web-based

    Quality Performance Data Tracking is web-based software, so it’s easy to access the information you need with a browser. There’s nothing to install on your in-house PCs and no IT maintenance processes. The built-in security ensures that only authorized users access the data, and the information is protected behind secure firewalls.

  • SQPDT4

    Multiple Data Sources

    Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking subscribers can upload their data using a spreadsheet or enter it manually either directly or using our proprietary software that automatically uploads the data at intervals. Other subscribers are also adding their insight, giving every member a more comprehensive understanding of a supplier’s true performance.

  • SQPDT5

    Insight Through Comprehensive Reporting

    Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking includes both member-specific reports and reports that reflect information across all members. Simple filters allow users to customize the results so they get the information they need, in the format they need it. Whether you need a PDF for archiving or an Excel file for analysis, it’s quick and simple to select exactly what you need. The quality assurance organization, buyers, supply chain, and procurement engineering personnel will benefit greatly by having this report data tool immediately available.
    The reports help you manage supplier audits, NUPIC audits and Utility Source Surveillance audits. You will be able to determine whether you need to issue supplier corrective action notices, and you will have insight into supplier quality performance across a range of commodities.

  • SQPDTKey

    Key Features for the Nuclear Power Industry

    • Meets or exceeds NRC requirements
    • Easily decreases plant deficiency rates by up to fifty percent.
    • Helps identify suppliers with poor performance
    • Supports joint corrective action with other members based on consolidated data from multiple sources at regular meetings
    • Help buyers select suppliers with the best overall performance by commodity
    • Process and store inspection data
    • Simple web-based subscription solution with members-only access
    • Flexible data upload methods
    • Reports available online
    • Member-only reports for insight into your own supplier performance
    • Multiple member reports for “big picture supplier performance overview
    • Corrective action and joint corrective action support
    • Flexible report formatting and output


    With Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking, you can increase your organization’s performance, reduce costs and improve overall quality. You gain insight into every supplier’s performance, even on orders from other utilities, and across a wide range of commodities. 50 specific deficiency codes are identified in the reports including overage, shelf life, late delivery, materials, dimensions, wrong parts, plus a whole array of documentation issues.

    Each deficiency report generate will cost you on average about $1,000 to process. So you are adding an additional $1,000 for each deficient receipt. Most nuclear plants generate 300 deficiency reports at receiving inspection each year. With SQPDT membership most have seen $150,000 cost avoidance in the first 2 years. All starting as low as $3,000 annually.
    The simple web interface makes the information accessible from a browser, yet the information is secure thanks to tight integration with NUPIC and the solution’s own built-in security features.

    Minor quality issues can result in big fines or even a shut-down, so be safe, stay in compliance and mitigate risk for your employees, customers and the environment by using Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking to help ensure you buy high quality materials from reliable suppliers.

    Nuclear power utilities all over North America rely on Ethany for simple accurate supplier performance information. Find out why more than one third of the nuclear power plants in the United States and Canada use Ethany Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking. Contact us today at 555-889-2586 or by email at SALES@ETHANY.COM to learn more.



Our web based Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking (SQPDT) product is specifically designed to monitor supplier performance for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk, and driving continuous improvement

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How is SQPDT Utilized


How is SQPDT Utilized

The results of the SQPDT Reports are used during various Utility Audits, Utility Source Surveillances, and NUPIC Audits. It is one of the important tools a Nuclear Utility can have to seek Supplier Corrective Action, help Buyers make the best possible choices in purchasing, and assist Nuclear Procurement Engineering better assess Commercial Grade Procurement challenges. When you really want to know how the Quality Performance of products you are receiving for your Nuclear facility stacks up with the Nuclear Industry, or Supplier’s Quality Performance standing by a given Commodity, or exactly how well a given Nuclear Supplier’s Quality Performance is indicated by the Inspection Data, SQPDT is right for you.

Joint Supplier Corrective Action

Joint Supplier Corrective Action

During the Annual SQPDT Supplier Corrective Action Forum, each SQPDT Member’s Representative volunteers to seek SQPDT Joint Supplier Corrective Action on Common Nuclear Suppliers who need additional encouragement regarding their Supplier Quality Performance. Direct contacts and follow up are made with the Supplier’s Quality Assurance Manager to discuss and obtain Corrective Action. And it works!

The Average Supplier Responsible Deficiency Rate has decreased significantly in the past few years. Today there are now only 15 Common Nuclear Suppliers that are providing most of the Deficiencies to Nuclear Power Plants. Deficiencies are typically cut in half after using SQPDT for 2 years. Each Deficiency Report will cost the Utility around $1.000 to process. Count up your number of deficiency reports at Incoming Inspection last year, cut that number in half, and multiply it by $1,000 to determine your annual cost avoidance.

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Methods for Data Collection


Methods for Data Collection

There are 3 different methods that ETHANY Corporation uses to collect the Inspection Data:

  • You can query electronic data that you have already entered into your own data collection system for the specific fields used to create various SQPDT Summary Reports. SQPDT Members then up load that file (usually an Excel file) periodically to ETHANY Corporation for conversion and up loading to the web site.
  • You can add you own Inspection Data online in the “Database Maintenance Section” of the web site daily, weekly, or whenever you wish. This means you will be doing the Data Entry online.
  • ETHANY Corporation provides software for you to use at your location for data entry of your Inspection Data. Periodically, this data is up loaded to ETHANY Corporation for addition to the web site. You are still doing the Data Entry, but just not doing it online.



The reports identified below are categorized into two groupings, Member and SQPDT Reports. Member Reports display utility specific information whereas SQPDT Reports displayed all members data combined. Each report has a Report Selection Criteria screen allowing the user to run the same report using various search combinations. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, and Word format.

Member Reports

  • Deficiency Code Report
  • Member Supplier Lot Summary Report
  • Individual Receiving Inspection Report
  • Supplier Deficiency Code Alert List
  • Supplier Lot Summary Alert List
  • Member Calendar Quarter Supplier Lot Summary

SQPDT Reports

  • Commodity Code Report
  • Supplier Lot Summary Report
  • Safety Related Supplier Lot Summary
  • Commercial Grade Supplier Lot Summary
  • Joint Supplier Corrective Actions Report

Supplier Portal


Supplier Portal

Suppliers can obtain their own SQPDT Supplier Quality Performance Data Tracking Reports online. These Reports provide Nuclear Suppliers with the data generated from all of the SQPDT Utility Members so that they can monitor their own SQPDT Quality Performance.

  • Portal Data Access
  • Supplier Performance
  • Supplier Lot Summary Report
  • Deficiency Code
  • Individual Receiving Inspection
  • SQPDT Primary Contact Information

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