Qualified Suppliers List


In the closely regulated nuclear industry, you need relationships with trusted suppliers to know exactly where your materials are coming from. Using a Qualified Suppliers List helps ensure that every supplier meets the rigorous testing and quality specifications on materials, and that each one stands behind the products they supply to you.

  • QSL1

    Complete Information for Your Business

    When it comes to nuclear products, nothing is more important than the quality of the parts and supplies you use. That’s why we provide complete visibility into information about every supplier. Whether you need to see the information quickly on screen or you need a report to help ensure compliance with regulations, you’ll find easy access to the information.

  • QSL2

    Supply Chain Visibility

    One of the most important determinants of supply chain success is visibility into the current state of supplier procurement classification, scope of supply, certifications, and conditions of approval. The Ethany Qualified Suppliers List provides you with the insight you need to make fast, accurate decisions based on real information instead of guesswork. This kind of continuous insight helps prevent unplanned downtime for your expensive equipment by providing visibility into, and it helps your entire team plan for optimum results.

  • QSL3

    Saves You Time and Improves Accuracy

    If you’re a NUPIC member, you will especially appreciate our real-time interface that automatically lets users view NUPIC data; at the same time, it updates your system with the latest specifications via a single click. This advanced functionality means you don’t need to waste time manually entering data into your system, and there’s no risk of typos or other errors.
    The availability of this critical data saves you time and helps streamline your processes. For example, your buyers don’t have to check the data in your business systems and compare it to NUPIC because it’s already there, accurate and up to date. That means faster buying, shorter lead times and less scrap or rework because you didn’t have the right specs on the purchase order.

  • QSL4

    Works with Your Business Systems

    Most procurement systems aren’t designed to handle the special requirements of the nuclear industry, but you need the required data for compliance and to run your business. At the same time, your IT staff may be overburdened or lack the skills to create or maintain standalone databases or custom integration. That’s why Ethany has done it for you. We maintain custom interfaces to most procurement systems so users can accomplish their tasks quickly and efficiently. Within our system, there is no need for managing cumbersome manual file transfers or entering redundant data. We can even customize the interface to your requirements so you get exactly the information you need, at the speed and frequency that works for your organization.

  • QSL5


    Security is paramount in your business, and at Ethany we take security very seriously. Our Qualified Suppliers List has built-in security controls throughout every aspect of the system. We provide four levels of security controls for system access, and only system administrators can change control tables or other key information. Any deletions require two-step confirmations, so users never accidentally delete required information, while drop-down boxes for standardized lists ensure accurate and consistent information classifications.

  • QSLKey

    Key Features for the Nuclear Industry

    • Complete information about every supplier, including audit findings, certifications and conditions of approval
    • Industry insight into upcoming issues and regulatory changes
    • Supplier performance measurement and deficiency reporting
    • Critical item characteristics
    • Quality assurance system for tracking history
    • Complete quality assurance manual ensures adherence to procedures
    • Quality manual review reminders helps keep procedures and certifications up to date
    • Audit overdue reports help ensure you stay in compliance
    • Supplier performance measurement and performance reporting help keep quality high
    • Overdue certifications and evaluations reports help keep you on track for compliance
    • Strong, built-in security
    • Integration with NUPIC data saves time and reduces errors
    • Works with your existing procurement system

    Nuclear power utilities all over North America rely on Ethany for simple, accurate supplier performance information. To learn more about how our 25 years of nuclear power industry experience can help you with quality and compliance issues, contact us today at 585-889-2586 or use email at SALES@ETHANY.COM.



One of ETHANY Corporation’s key assets is the expertise acquired over the last two decade in developing and maintaining custom built Qualified Suppliers List type programs for numerous Nuclear Utilities. Based on that solid foundation, the Qualified Suppliers List (QSL) product was created. The QSL product was specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements for Supplier Quality Management in the Nuclear Industry.Supplier procurement status and performance history is critical in assuring the accuracy of procurement documents for the purchase of products and services. Our automated tool provides quick access to supplier information and reporting capabilities on all aspects of supplier management.


Home Menu Structure


Home Menu Structure

There are seven separate sections in the Home Menu Structure: Home, Request for Supplier Information, Responsible Auditor Open Items, Hot Links, Documentation, Procedures, and Technical Support. All information contained in these sections are maintained through the System Administration Menu.

Supplier Information

Supplier Information

In order to view or edit supplier data, the correct supplier must first be selected. Suppliers can be searched and sorted by a number of different criteria. This provides quick access to supplier data. The following lists the data groups maintained for each supplier:

  • Supplier4 Audit/Survey
  • Findings/Observations
  • Certification
  • Commodity
  • Conditions of Approval
  • Conditions Report Management
  • Contact
  • Critical Characteristics
  • Evaluation
  • Industry Issues
  • Other Audited Locations
  • Plant
  • Prior Name
  • Procurement Number
  • QA Manual
  • QA Program
  • Related Documents
  • Supplier Deficiency
  • Surveillance

Supply Chain


Supply Chain

The Supply Chain section has a number of unique functions that provide the ability to view Supplier, PE Comments, Certifications, Conditions of Approval, Contacts, Industry Issues, Other Audited Locations, and QA Manual. Three quick access reports provide up-to-date information on data maintained in the QSL database. Additionally, at a plant level, procurement engineers have the ability to capture PE Comments for each supplier.



The reports identified below are included in the QSL product. Each report has a Report Selection Criteria screen allowing the user to run the same report using various search combinations. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, and Word format.

Report Listing

  • Audit/Survey Overdue
  • Count of
  • Assigned Suppliers
  • Suppliers by Audit Survey Type
  • Evaluation Report
  • Expense Report
  • Finding Report
  • Industry Issues Report
  • QA Manuals to be Reviewed
  • Qualified Suppliers List
  • Supplier Evaluation Report
  • Supplier History
  • Supplier Prior Name List
  • Supplier By
  • Audit/Survey Information
  • Last Evaluation Date Completed
  • Commodity Code
  • Contact Type
  • Number
  • Performance Indicator
  • Procurement Status
  • Responsible Auditor
  • Surveillance Information
  • Supplier With
  • Certifications Overdue
  • Conditions of Approval

Systems Administration


Systems Administration

The Systems Administration module allows secure users the ability to manage system wide preferences and standard lists. These functions provide a standardized usage of the data assignments throughout the application.

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