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Web Business Software Solutions

The presence created for your business online is essentially your round-the-clock sales rep. It never takes time off and will always be there when your customers search for what you have to offer. This means you need to make sure you are putting your best face forward. With ETHANY’s technology platform, we create Web business software solutions that are custom-designed for your specific needs. We can create a stand-alone operation or integrate the new technology into your existing system. With our help, the new solutions run across a number of different platforms, ensuring seamless integration with your existing business functions.

Mobile Business Software Solutions

It is evident that most businesses are making a change to focus more on mobile technology for their business applications. This means you need to embrace this change and ensure that you offer what your customers are looking for. When you contact our team at ETHANY, we can help you get your custom mobile business software solutions created. We offer stand-alone solutions, or we can integrate the new technology into your existing software systems. The technology offered by ETHANY’s platform for mobile applications has been specifically designed to run across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Window’s.

Productivity Add-Ons for Purchased Software

If you purchase a canned application, it will typically not meet all of your specific needs or requirements. With our services, you can increase your productivity through custom-built add-ons such as dashboards, rapid data entry screens, reporting and any other function to ensure that your business’s needs are met. Our team at ETHANY has experience linking to purchased software through direct database connections or the provided application program interfaces (APIs). Creating a process that is able to meet the specific needs of your business is not something that just any service can offer. ETHANY will learn what you need and what your goals are for the purchased software application, and then we will tailor customized add-ons so that your goals are easily met and your business is able to reach superior productivity levels.


Product Evaluations

Are you getting the most from your purchased software? Whether you are in the process of replacing your existing software solution or simply trying to increase the functionality of the system you have, ETHANY will make sure your choice meets your needs.

The software selection method used by ETHANY is a step-by-step process utilizing predefined schedules. Our goal is to identify, evaluate and help you choose the best software for your particular business. We help reduce the risks involved with the most common mistakes in this process.

In addition to finding the best software for your business needs, we will also ensure it is integrated with your company’s existing architecture for continued growth and productivity.

Project Management

Projects are the key to business growth and change. If you have decided you need something new or need something old completed in a brand-new way, then a project is born. From this point on, the efforts of your team are focused on the planning, preparation, execution and management of the project. However, there are far too many times a business takes on a project only to find the end result is not what was planned. This is where the services of ETHANY are invaluable.
We make sure there is no weak connection between the deliverables of the project and your custom business software needs. Put simply, we ensure your project delivers what you want.

Requirements and Needs Analysis

At ETHANY, we take the time to learn what you need in order to create solutions that meet your goals. Our requirements and needs analysis process focuses on how a product will meet the needs of a user. While this is not an official development tool, it is a valuable analytical technique that helps us determine the marketability of a service or a product to an end user.

Database Design and Management

ETHANY takes the time to create a database that works for your company. The tools and services we implement will encourage growth and development rather than stifling it. We will first evaluate your goals and needs to ensure the final design exceeds your expectations.
Once designed, our team then provides management services to ensure the technology in use remains relevant to the growth of your business. If a process becomes outdated or obsolete, we will evaluate and integrate another modern component to ensure your continued success.


There is always a level of risk when developing and introducing a new software product or service. ETHANY will create a viable prototype that is cost-effective. We also ensure that the prototype process is completed in a timely manner to allow time for the product to be evaluated for further needs or changes.
Our team also works to ensure that projected schedules are met and that resources are sufficiently managed while reducing associated risks and predicting the total cost of new software product development.

Optimization and Testing

When it comes to supporting a product or service, continued optimization and testing is required for success. Just because something works initially does not mean the trend will continue. ETHANY will conduct regular testing to ensure that your product or service is optimized to the end user’s needs and interests.
If, during this testing, something is found to be outdated or no longer viable, ETHANY will continue to conduct research to find a software solution that will meet the changing needs. This is a step that has to endure unwaveringly for the life of a software product or service in order to ensure success.

Product Support

When it comes to the software products and solutions we offer, we are not a “fix it and forget it” service. In fact, we offer complete support for any software technology solutions we offer. In addition to initial setup and integration, we also offer continued production support as well as future enhancements to meet any business process changes that the future brings. Technology upgrades are also guaranteed to ensure that you can continue to compete within your sector, and we provide a satisfaction guarantee to each customer we serve. With ETHANY, you can feel confident that we will always be there for technology upgrades, enhancements and bug fixes, whenever they may arise, from both a hardware and software perspective.

About Us


At ETHANY Corporation, we understand the connection between relationships and leading edge technology solutions. Our vision is to be an innovative solution provider with the commitment and personal touch of a valued partner. Our services enable organizations to provide faster and more effective ways to collaborate, communicate, and make informed business decisions. These solutions and services are as diverse as our customers and their particular needs.

Our History

ETHANY Corporation was founded on the belief that building business relationships with our customers would be the driving force behind the business. When the company was formed in 1987, the founders were providing customers with data processing solutions. During the 1990’s, the growing diversity of business services offered dramatically improved our customers’ ability to manage data effectively and efficiently through the use of software development.

Our Team

Members of the ETHANY team possess the business expertise and technical skills for your business information needs. People are the cornerstone of ETHANY. Our people are the human assets to which we owe our growth and success. We are fortunate to have seasoned professionals with decades of experience in a variety of disciplines. ETHANY recruits individuals whose value for the evolving customer relationship and knowledge of diverse businesses, the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and varied technical competencies provide us with experiences and skills to apply to the opportunity at hand.

Our Values

People, Customer Focus and Good Citizenship is our value difference. We will attract, motivate, and retain high performing people in all areas of our business. We expect integrity, civility, openness, support for others and commitment to the highest standards of achievement. We will invest in and master the key technologies vital to success. We will offer solutions of the highest levels of performance for value. We will provide quality service to our customers, both internal

How We Do It

At ETHANY Corporation, we understand the connection between relationships and leading edge technology solutions. Our vision is to be an innovative solution provider with the commitment and personal touch of a valued partner. read more

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