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A complete and fully customizable solution to transform your paper checklists into
dynamic forms saves time and money
So what is

AuditorGuru is an audit data capture solution for teams. Specifically, design by auditors for auditors. With over 40 years of experience in the Nuclear industry, rest assured our platform will provide a unique solution to meet all your needs.
AuditorGuru lets your team collect in a standard format to produce outputs for management and distribution in an easy-to-use checklist platform.
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Create checklists for paperless
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Build your custom checklist using our powerful template builder
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The checklists automatically become a robust data entry screen for data capture
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Automatically distribute your data and reports to support your workflow process
It all starts with a checklist

Digitize your existing Word, Excel, PDF, and paper checklists, build your own using our simple to use drag
and drop editor. As your business process changes, easily modify checklist templates using the
AuditorGuru version management feature
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Create a new template

Easily create a template from scratch using our Template Builder, an intuitive, drag-and-drop solution that allows you to create templates on the fly easily. Validate your design with our integrated Preview tool. Choose from multiple Field types including Information, Text, Text area, Number, HTML Editor, Date, Select, Multiselect, Checkbox, Radio Button, Table, and Signature fields.
Designed to support complex Checklist

AuditorGuru was designed specifically for complex 100 plus page checklist templates. Checklists are broken into Sectinos for easy data management
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Smart fields

Make your templates smarter with conditional logic. Set up your template to show or hide form fields based on how the user fills in your form
Template Versioning

Automatic versioning ensures that template updates are automatically rolled out to all users.
AuditorGuru allows for multiple version to be active at any point in time during the template transition period.
Get Notified
Collect Checklist Data

Collect data using a simple and easy-to-use process using a standardized format to support your workflow processes.
Manage workflow process by setting Checklist Status using quick access Actions.
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Checklists are designed to support single or multiple team members. Multiple team members can easily access their sections of the Checklist using the integrated quick access navigation bar
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When it comes to distribution, the name of the game is Efficiency. AuditorGuru can compile and distribute your Checklist using Microsoft Word and other formats that easily integrate into your current workflow process
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