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You may not know exactly what solution you need – and that’s OK – that’s why we’re here. Once we’ve learned more about you and your business, we can create a plan for a custom software solution that’s tailored to you – businesses and organizations in the greater Rochester, NY, area.
Software Web Development IconCUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT
ETHANY's web development services deliver high-impact scalable solutions that align with your business strategy.
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Custom App Development IconCUSTOM APP DEVELOPMENT
The technology offered by ETHANY's platform for mobile applications has been specifically designed to run across iOS, Android, and Windows.
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Application Migration & Updates IconAPP MIGRATIONS & UPDATES
There are differences between the area you're migrating from and your destination, which is why having an application migration strategy and plan is essential.
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Our developers build API solutions to guarantee a smooth use experience while making sure the network of data is seamless, quick, and safe.
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Software Interface Design IconSOFTWARE INTERFACE DESIGN
Our team works with yours to develop a solution that gives you a more user-friendly software or web application interface design.
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Add-On Modules IconADD-ON MODULES
Our team at ETHANY has experience linking an add-on module to your purchased software through direct database connections or (APIs).
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Custom Report Development IconCUSTOM REPORT DEVELOPMENT
We can help you customize the report function so that you're able to get the information you need in one place.
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Taking the time to look beyond the traditional, out-of-the-box options to explore custom software solutions pays off. We can help you save significant costs on your overhead, with as much as a 50 percent savings on staffing compared to traditional models. Unlike traditional, out-of-the-box solutions, we’ll ensure that our plan meets your timeline and budget, offering only the solutions you need for the goals you have.
We have a team that’s dedicated to helping you streamline processes – for some, that means using technology to automate processes you have in place, for others it means making way for two or more systems to communicate and get you the results you need, and for others, it may mean something altogether different. The bottom line is our custom software solutions save money and increase your return on investment in the long run. It all starts with your business goals – it wouldn’t be a custom software solution without tailoring it to fit what you need to achieve. We’re transparent – we begin by aligning our process to your goals and then give you specifics on our software development services process from start to finish.
Software Development Approach
When you decide to partner with us, we’ll appoint a project manager who will be your single point of contact and keep you informed every step of the way. Part of our software development services staff will be dedicated to your project – and each of them will be committed to our software development approach outlined in the image below. Our team will work exclusively for you from our location in Rochester, NY. We are completely transparent in our services and costs to ensure that you receive the results you need for your company’s continued success and growth.
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