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There is always a level of risk when developing and introducing a new software product or service. In an attempt to minimize risk and give you peace of mind, at ETHANY we can create a viable prototype that is cost-effective.
A developer comparing mobile vs desktop design
We also ensure that the prototype process is completed promptly to allow time for the product to be evaluated for further needs or changes. Our team also works to ensure that projected schedules are met and that resources are sufficiently managed while reducing associated risks and predicting the total cost of new software product development.
When it comes to supporting a product or service, continued optimization and testing is required for success. Just because something works initially does not mean the trend will continue. ETHANY will conduct regular testing to ensure that your product or service is optimized to the end user’s needs and interests. Whether you partnered with us to create the product or service or not, we can conduct testing and work with you to optimize your product or service to ensure it continues to serve your needs.
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