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One of ETHANY’s key assets is the expertise acquired over the last three decades in product development, specifically targeted to the Nuclear Industry. Our Qualified Suppliers List (eQSL) and Supplier Performance Monitoring (eSPM) platforms are running in over 50% of the electric power generation facilities in North America.
Electric Power Generation
Our approach to continuous improvement from both a technology and a feature perspective has provided our users the ability to grow as needs have evolved.
ETHANY Supplier Performance Monitoring (eSPM)
Supplier Performance Monitoring for the Electric Power Generation facilities in North America. Quality and security are paramount in the nuclear industry, and your company must comply with regulations and follow established quality assurance procedures. ETHANY’s Supplier Performance Monitoring (eSPM) service monitors supplier performance to reduce the cost of managing risk while driving continuous improvement that increases operational efficiency. Members can view supplier performance for their specific location in comparison to the performance across the industry for over 50 KPI’s that provide a comprehensive picture of the supplier’s overall performance.
ETHANY Qualified Suppliers List Platform
The closely regulated nuclear utility industry is unlike any other. Utilities need relationships with trusted suppliers to know exactly where materials are coming from and be assured the materials meet specific mandated standards. Suppliers must meet rigorous testing and quality specifications and stand behind the products they supply. ETHANY offers two unique products to help utilities stay compliant simply and cost-effectively.
ETHANY Qualified Suppliers List (eQSL)
Our core eQSL product provides utilities all of the functionality required to meet the demanding requirements for supplier quality management. Supply Chain has visibility into the current state of supplier procurement classification, the scope of supply, certifications, and conditions of approval in real-time. If you’re a NUPIC member, you will appreciate our real-time interface that automatically lets users view NUPIC data.
ETHANY Qualified Suppliers List (eQSL Lite) for NUPIC Members
Our eQSL Lite for NUPIC Members, is specifically designed for members to leverage the NUPIC database content to the fullest extent, while managing additional information to control a secure QSL. Users gain access to eQSL Lite once they have successfully logged into the NUPIC website. eQSL Lite users can easily navigate between NUPIC and eQSL Lite secure content using the integrated toolbar. Data entered into NUPIC is automatically available in the eQSL Lite screens and reports. The NUPIC data combined with eQSL Lite data provides a secure, easy to maintain QSL solution.
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