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Why QSL Lite?
The nuclear utility industry is unlike any other. You have compliance issues and safety concerns that require extraordinary quality and control measures. Materials must meet specific mandated standards, and that’s where Ethany’s Qualified Suppliers List Lite can help NUPIC members stay compliant simply and cost-effectively.
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Easy to Use
Starting from the single sign-on that provides access to both NUPIC and Qualified Suppliers List Lite and continuing through the entire solution, Ethany’s software makes users more efficient by providing simple navigation and visibility to the information you need to run the operation effectively.
The Qualified Suppliers List Lite NUPIC Activities Control Panel provides insight into critical upcoming tasks such as supplier audits, open NUPIC issues and third-party reviews awaiting approval. Users have “at a glance” access to the information they need for effective performance, and supporting details are easy to access.
NUPIC Integration
The tight integration between the NUPIC database and Qualified Suppliers List Lite enables complete access and consistency across both systems, without having to enter or store redundant data. Qualified Suppliers List Lite and NUPIC automatically ensure that data stays in sync so you never have to waste time making changes or checking your information to ensure that it is up-to-date. Users can navigate freely between NUPIC and Qualified Suppliers List Lite using the toolbar and can move easily from one supplier’s info to the next with a quick search function.
Insight Through Visibility
Users have complete visibility to all the information they need to do their jobs effectively, including all supplier information, conditions of approval and responsible engineers. Your buyer can make fast, effective decisions confidently, knowing that the information they are using is current and correct. A full range of reports with flexible filters and output formats ensures that users have access to exactly the information they need.
Qualified Suppliers List Lite has powerful security to prevent accidental data deletions or changes to control tables. The solution relies on NUPIC’s own security for access, along with its own security features, to ensure the utmost in security with a simple single sign-on model that users appreciate.
Key Features for the Nuclear Industry

  • Single sign-on provides access to both NUPIC and QSL Lite to save time and improve efficiency
  • User with proper security access can update their own NUPIC information from a single source
  • Comprehensive reporting provides insight to operations
  • Automatic data downloads of NUPIC information
  • Standardized lists help ensure information consistency and improve reporting accuracy
  • Simple but effective security through NUPIC access
  • Two-step deletion confirmation helps reduce errors and accidental deletes
  • Integrates easily to most procurement systems
  • Integrated toolbar simplifies navigation between NUPIC and Qualified Suppliers List Lite
  • Built-in conditions of approval
  • Audit reminders help ensure compliance
Nuclear power utilities all over North America rely on Ethany for simple, accurate supplier performance information. Drive to continuous improvement across your entire supply chain with the fast, reliable information in Qualified Suppliers List Lite. Ensure compliance with complex regulations governing supplier performance and quality. You will increase user efficiency and effectiveness with powerful insight that’s easy to use and simple to access. Save time, reduce errors and increase accuracy with the pre-built integration to NUPIC data. To learn more about how quality management and NUPIC integration can help keep your operations running smoothly while reducing risk and supporting continuous improvement, contact us today at 585-889-2586 or by email at SALES@ETHANY.COM for more information.
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The Qualified Suppliers List (QSL) Lite product for NUPIC members is specifically designed for members to leverage the NUPIC database content to the fullest extent, while managing additional information to control a secure QSL. Users gain access to QSL Lite once they have successfully logged into the NUPIC website. QSL Lite users can easily navigate between NUPIC and QSL Lite secure content using the integrated toolbar. Data entered into NUPIC is automatically available in the QSL Lite screens and reports. The NUPIC data combined with QSL Lite data provides a secure, easy to maintain QSL solution.
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