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The statistics make it clear, businesses are making a change to focus more on mobile technology for their business applications, which is why custom mobile app development is so important.
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The Statistics
Statistics chart about time spent on mobile sites vs desktop sites
This information gives you the opportunity to embrace this change to ensure that you offer what your co-workers and customers are looking for.
Mobile apps can serve as the perfect extension to web applications. Don’t have the web application in place yet?

That’s OK!
Our custom app development team can help you create an app to simplify business processes or deliver a product or service to your customers more efficiently – whether you’re beginning with a web app or a mobile app.
We offer stand-alone solutions, or we can integrate the new technology into your existing software systems.

The technology offered by ETHANY’s platform for mobile applications has been specifically designed to run across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
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