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Why Supplier Performance Monitoring is important in the Nuclear Industry

February 28, 20242 min read

As is true in any industry, the importance of monitoring supplier performance cannot be overstated. Inside the nuclear industry specifically, it becomes even more critical. 

Operators depend on a series of supply chains for products and services in order to effectively and safely produce nuclear energy. Effectively monitoring and managing these supply chains is crucial to the industry as a whole and to every business within it.

What it means to effectively monitor supplier performance

Monitoring supplier performance is a continual process of reviewing performance and quality metrics to ensure the supplier meets your needs.

This means looking at how effective each stage of your supply chain is when it comes to the following:

  • optimizing costs

  • reducing inefficiencies

  • improving speed

  • meeting and exceeding customer expectations 

Why performance monitoring is important 

Because the nuclear industry requires such a high degree of precision, the goods and services used in all phases of a nuclear reactor's lifespan must be managed precisely. This includes during design, construction, commission, operation, and eventually decommission. 

According to the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), "the failure of structures, systems, or components to perform their intended function, or resolve their poor performance, could adversely affect the economy as well as safety and confidence in nuclear energy."

As such, the IAEA supports the "development of proactive management systems of supply chains, well-planned procurement by the owners and operators, and quality assurance/quality control systems aimed to facilitate cooperation in the nuclear industry in these areas."


ETHANY's Supplier Performance Monitoring (eSPM) service monitors supplier performance to reduce risk management costs while driving continuous improvement that increases operational efficiency. ETHANY's Supplier Performance Monitoring service consolidates receipt inspection information from over 50% of North America's Electric Power Generation facilities to give subscribers a complete industry picture.



With over 35 years of developing solutions and qualified supplier lists for the Nuclear Industry, ETHANY is the trusted source for nuclear industry software. We rely on our team of experts to stay abreast of the best security practices in the industry so that you can depend on us with even your most critical and sensitive applications.

Begin your journey with ETHANY and the eSPM system today by contacting our team for a free consultation.

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