add on puzzle piece fit with green puzzle pieceYes, you can. ETHANY specializes in developing productivity add-on software that can help fill in the gaps and give you capabilities your basic, canned software wasn’t designed for. In many cases, this is the only way to get those capabilities while still using that software. Here are some things to consider before you get started:

What do you want the add-on to do?

Your productivity add-on can be programmed to accomplish almost anything you can imagine. This can range from the simple (such as creating a specific type of report as an executive summary of what’s been done with the main software) to the complex (such as a new software package to capture additional data linked to your main software package to provide a single view of all your data across both systems). Once you know what you want your software to do, our designers can find the best way of making that happen.

What does your budget allow for?

The cost of productivity add-on software correlates to the amount of work being done. If you’re worried about being able to afford the capabilities you want, let us know and we’ll see if there’s any way to help you get what you want within your budget. You may find that a productivity add-on is more affordable than you ever expected.

Will you need more add-ons in the future?

It’s usually cheaper to develop software all at once but is some cases a phased implementation is a better solution. We know it’s not easy to predict your future needs — fortunately, we have a lot of experience helping companies defines their needs. Don’t hesitate to ask – we’ll take a look at your situation and help you craft a solution to meet both your short and long term goals. 

How soon do you need the software?

Most companies want productivity add-ons as quickly as possible, and there’s some sense to that because the sooner you have it, the sooner you can take advantage of it. However, quality software does take time to develop. It’s always best to clearly define your requirements in advance when you’re having your software developed.

Here at ETHANY, our job is turning your software dreams into reality. We know exactly what it takes to develop a productivity add-on that’s worth having, so let us know as soon as you start thinking about it and we’ll help you figure out how to make it happen.

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