The word support on a matrix background.Yes! The fact that a piece of software has been successfully installed and integrated into your current systems does not mean product support is unnecessary. Consider the following situations:

 1. Your Operating System Is Updated

Operating systems change on a frequent basis, and certain major upgrades (including patches and OS changes) can break your installation if they change the files that your program depends on. Avoiding this problem is one reason that many companies are reluctant to update their operating systems on a regular basis — they’d rather stick with what works.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer as easy as it once was. Newer operating systems are giving individuals and businesses less control over what updates are installed and when — and sometimes patches are bundled together, so you’ll have to lose out on completely unrelated features.

You cannot guarantee system updates will never affect your installation unless your system is never updated to begin with.

 2. The Software Is Updated

Similarly, many pieces of software are upgraded by their developers as time goes on. These updates are usually a good thing — and often include benefits like requested features, bug fixes, and so forth — but it’s hard for any company to guarantee that the update will work perfectly on every type of system running the software. This is doubly true for canned software. It’s not unlikely that an update will crash at least a portion of the system, and when that happens, you’ll probably need product support to get it up and running again.

 3. Your Hardware Is Updated

A given piece of software may not be used on the same machine forever, and that’s where product support comes in. For example, you may decide that you want to use a new form of smartphone or tablet at your office — that’s great, but if your software wasn’t programmed to work on those devices, then it may not load at all. In cases like this, product support can help you find a way to get it running again (which may involve anything from updating the software to run on the device to creating an emulation of your old device).

None of the situations here are common — in fact, issues with well-programmed software are rare. “Rare” isn’t the same thing as “unknown,” though — and the more software your company uses, the more likely it is that something will eventually go wrong. If you’re lucky, it will only cause a minor disruption as it gets fixed. But if software that’s critical to your daily operations breaks, then you’ll want all the product support you can get.

ETHANY is proud to offer full support for all of its products, including software that’s custom-programmed just for you. For help with any of our products, contact us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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