An illustration of tech devices with checkmarks on the screensAs any programmer can tell you, creating an application for one platform is relatively straightforward. It might be difficult, but the base parameters are known, and they can usually find a way to get it done. Cross-platform apps are another issue entirely, especially if they’re expected to integrate with each other. If you’re considering an application of this sort, here are three things to consider about Xamarin, a software development company owned by Microsoft.

1) Xamarin uses the C# programming language

C# is capable of doing anything you could do in Java, Objective-C, and Swift – and it works on platforms that use any of these. Most applications can share 75% or more of their coding, helping to make development on multiple platforms easier than ever before. Many functions unique to each device are mapped at runtime to correspond to that specific device, resulting in an end-user experience that works the way they expect it to work.

2) Xamarin can import and convert existing code

Do you have existing Objective-C or Java code? Don’t let that go to waste just because you’ve decided to switch to a programming language that enables real cross-platform support. Xamarin uses an automatic binding generator to match code like custom controls and frameworks to your new app, and a little bit of testing is usually enough to fix any glitches that occur.

Don’t think of this as an entirely new development cycle. Instead, think of it as an enhancement to what you’ve already done – by importing your existing code, you can hit the ground running and reduce the time it will take to roll out your improved app.

3) Xamarin offers same-day support for new OS releases

One of the biggest problems with apps is updating them when a new operating system comes out. These changes can cause major disruptions in the way some functions work, but this particular developer has been able to offer same-day updates that allow you to start taking advantage of new features and capabilities. These updates also mean that you can deal with any major disruptions to your app and get it back up and running if anyone was broken – your business can’t afford to have its tools stuck in limbo, and working with a company offering active support is one of the best ways of ensuring your investment won’t be lost at a crucial time.

For more information about working with Xamarin – including pinpointing your needs as a business and how you can effectively meet those needs with a mobile app – contact Ethany and ask for a consultation.
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