a planner with the words website at the top of the notebook.When it comes to business, most websites are general — a store sells all of the company’s products, a newspaper hosts all of its articles, and a professional service lists everything they offer. That’s not bad, but there are times when a microsite can do more to streamline your operations.

What Are Microsites?

A microsite, as the name implies, is essentially a miniature webpage. Rather than being a broad collection of information and options, it’s usually focused on doing just one thing for everyone who visits it, like explaining a particular product or service.

Most microsites have separate domain names and aren’t directly affiliated with your company’s main site. They may not even be hosted on the same server.

What Are Microsites Good For?

Microsites are good choices for major announcements, temporary events, and providing a unique experience to visitors without sacrificing your primary website design.

For example, let’s say that you want to sell a new luxury watch that has a variety of useful features. If you wanted to use a microsite, you might post a large image on your homepage naming the watch and encouraging visitors to click it and learn more. That link would take people to your custom site where they could examine and scroll through all of its content, only the be returned to the store page through a link at the end.

A key feature here is that there would only be two links — one going in, one going out. Since that’s the entirety of the connection between the sites, you could do any kind of coding (even with a completely different programming language!) in order to provide the exact experience you want users to have — without any risk of causing problems on your main site.

Microsites can also be linked to through newsletters, on social media, with QR codes, and anywhere else people share content. This focused nature is ideal for the mobile audience, given the short attention span many of them display — avoiding the distractions of a full site really can help move people through a sales funnel.

Of course, there are a few caveats. As separate sites, microsites won’t benefit from your SEO efforts, so they require a certain amount of active promotion to be properly successful. They also tend to require active investment and development, although not as much as many companies expect unless you’re doing something truly unusual with the programming.

Ultimately, microsites can streamline your business, but it’s important to have a plan for using them. If you’d like some help with that, our team here at Ethany can talk with you and help you determine the best way to integrate microsites into your marketing efforts. To get started, contact us today and ask for a free consultation about your company’s needs.

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