the word outsourcing floating above a man's palm of the hand. Over the years, more and more companies have turned to outsourcing their software development projects — and with good reason. Here are the major benefits of asking a company like Ethany to create the programs you need.

1) The Right Staff for the Job

Software development projects vary in complexity, from simple one-person tasks to programs that may involve literally dozens of people working on different parts. Needless to say, it can be difficult for individual companies to employ the correct number of people at all times. Having too few people means the job takes longer than it should, while having too many people means paying more salaries than necessary.

Outsourcing the development to a trusted partner means you can get the best price for the number of developers your project actually needs. Don’t hesitate to ask about the resumes and experience of the people who will actually be working on your project — you deserve to know exactly what you’re getting, after all.

2) Good Use of Existing Employees

Your employees may not be developing the software themselves, but they will need to use it once it’s ready. Outsourcing the technical parts of the work allows your employees to focus on higher-level elements like elaborating on their needs and properly managing the software’s development.

3) Direct Financial Savings

In many cases, outsourced software development reduces fixed costs and provides immediate savings that can be funneled into other parts of your business. When this is used to help produce near-term revenue, the company can look stronger to investors and other individuals capable of financially supporting your efforts, creating a positive feedback loop that strengthens your company and puts you in the best position to use your software once it’s finished.

4) Improved Morale Among Current Employees

Finally, outsourcing software development can help improve morale among your employees by allowing them to focus on high-level work. This includes things like:

Managing Software Development: Even the best software development partners don’t have the intimate knowledge of your culture and needs that current employees do. Allowing your employees to help manage software development means they can ensure that the final product is what you actually need — and that isn’t always what you expect when a project first starts.

More Time For Training: In addition, taking away development time means that current employees have a better opportunity to learn how to use the software, often as each component is completed. This allows them to hit the ground running when it’s finally finished, rather than having to spend a few weeks (or worse, months) learning how to use your new software.

If you think outsourcing may be what you need to get the right piece of software for your company, contact Ethany today and ask for a free consultation.

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