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Is your company using multiple applications to get the same job done? If so, you could be spending far more resources on this than you should be. It’s time to stop juggling multiple applications and integrate everything into one platform.

How a Browser Based Application Can Integrate Everything Your Team Is Doing

As the name suggests, a browser based application is a program that can be run from any compatible web browser. This means that people on tablets, smartphones, and desktop machines will all have access to the same features and options at any given time.

More immediately, having a single browser based application means employees only have to be trained on one piece of software. They won’t be caught by surprise if they switch from a smartphone to a tablet, or confused if they head out of the office and don’t have access to their normal desktop.

Using one application also makes it easier to generate reports, see how each member of your team is performing, and correct any issues you find. You won’t have to waste your time generating multiple reports and crunching the numbers to get a comparison — everything you need will be available in one place.

How to Decide If Your Team Needs a Custom Solution

There are two major kinds of browser based applications — canned and custom. A canned piece of software comes as the developer has made it, with no adjustments for your company’s specific needs. These tend to be more affordable when they’re first purchased, but the loss of productivity can ultimately make them more expensive over time.

Custom solutions are a better choice for most companies because they’re programmed to meet your needs. After all, things that work for others in your industry may not work for you — every company is different, and you have to take those differences into account when you’re trying to maximize the productivity of your team.

Don’t make your decision quite yet — there’s one more thing to consider first.

Stand-Alone Software vs. Integrated Solutions

Browser based applications can be built in two ways — and both of them are good options. Stand-alone software exists entirely on its own, and doesn’t depend on the existence of anything except a series of servers to run it on. Canned software is usually designed this way, but even custom solutions can be made to operate entirely on their own. This is ideal for companies that have few electronic resources of their own.

However, if you’re ordering a custom piece of software, then integrated solutions can be designed to tie in with your existing setup. In essence, the software becomes an extension of what you already have, rather than a new system all its own.

Final Thoughts

Replacing several applications with a single solution is easier than many companies realize — and it’s their loss when they don’t. ETHANY can create a browser based software solution that meets your company’s needs, so contact us today to get the process started.

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