Database word web.Database design is the process of creating a functional database system, including both how each part works (individually and in relation to the other parts) and what each part is capable of. Databases are a vital part of many modern business programs, so here are some things to consider before asking for a design.

How much use will this database see?

Some databases have a relatively low rate of change, with only a few entries each day being modified. Others see near-constant adjustment as the business runs its operations, and that’s a problem because heavy use increases the chance of data corruption. Your company’s database design should have a plan for locating and repairing corrupted data as soon as it’s found — after all, the last thing you want to do is make decisions based on faulty data. 

What’s your plan for growth?

Databases should be built for the future, but they also have to support your operations in the present – and failing on either count can stifle the growth of your company. That’s why it’s important to truly understand the goal of the software before the first line of code is written. Don’t forget about the physical servers where your database will be housed, and how you’ll expand them as-needed. 

How flexible should the database be?

Even when you plan for growth, new technology can make older practices outdated or even harmful to your business. A flexible database can be upgraded as new technology comes out, helping to ensure that your investment won’t be wasted. 

When do you need the database completed?

Good software can’t be rushed, and in the long run, it’s better to wait as long as necessary for your database to be completed. Unfortunately, technology often advances so quickly that companies don’t have as much time as they’d like. If you plan to have a database developed at all, it’s best to get the process started as early as possible so the programmers have the time to create every function you’ll need.

Who will maintain the database?

It could be somebody at your hosting service, one of your employees, or a third-party company that’s called in to troubleshoot problems. Either way, you need to know who to contact if things go wrong so you can get back to your normal operations as quickly as possible.

The most important thing to understand about databases is that they’re complicated. Even a relatively straightforward database may have dozens of components that have to work together in harmony, and good database design considers every level of involvement. ETHANY can help you figure out how to create and integrate a database that meets your needs as a company – contact us today to get started on the perfect system.

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