On the evaluation setting.Developing new products is one of the most important jobs of any company involved with creating things. But despite this, there are several common problems that a robust product evaluation process could solve. Here are the most common mistakes.

Mistake #1: A Good Idea Means a Good Product

The fact that something is a good idea does not mean it will automatically become a good product. Quite the opposite, really. It’s easy to say that “free internet anyone in the world can access” would benefit a business, but the logistics of actually accomplishing such a thing put it far out of the reach of nearly any company you care to name.

One of the most important jobs of product evaluation is determining whether or not a basic concept can be translated into a good product in a timely and cost-effective manner. If not, then no matter how good the idea is, it’s time to move on.

Mistake #2: Promoting Features Instead of Advantages

Many companies like to highlight the useful features of their products—but this is exactly the wrong thing to be doing. See, most buyers don’t care about features. Instead, they care about the advantages a product offers for accomplishing a specific goal. A feature only matters insofar as it provides the advantage they’re looking for.

To stop problems like this, product evaluation can identify whether or not a product has the right selection of advantages… or if it has a collection of features that, while nice, just aren’t translating into the help people need.

Mistake #3: Liking Our Own Solutions Too Much

When we solve a problem, we tend to be proud of that—and if we see someone else with the same problem, we like to suggest the solution we came up with. However, the solution somebody comes up with isn’t necessarily the best way of solving a problem.

Product evaluation takes a hard look at whether or not any proposed solution is actually the best way to do something… and if not, it’s uncompromising in its insistence that it’s time to move on. This firmness can benefit the rest of your company, too—when people know that they’re expected to find the right answer instead of the easy one, they’re pushed to do better than ever before.

It isn’t always easy to give up on the ideas, features and solutions your company comes up with—but if you want to make an outstanding product, you have to look beyond your instincts and prove your answer is right. Our team at Ethany is committed to this kind of product evaluation process—every new piece of software we create goes through rigorous designing and testing to ensure it’s actually the right answer to a problem you’re having.

If you’re looking to get new software for your company, contact our team today and ask for an evaluation of your company’s needs. We can help you figure out more than what you need—we can help you learn why.

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