Requirements to design to implementation to verification to deployment/maintenance.Project management is one of the most important parts of ensuring that software is developed the way it should be. As a company, you have specific needs that your software must address, and it’s rare that off-the-shelf programs can adequately meet all of them. Here’s how ETHANY will work with you to manage your product and ensure the program you receive offers the most value to your company:

Phase 1: Concept

During this phase, our creative team will focus on understanding exactly what you need your software to do. We’ll also help you get a sense for what’s practical for your budget, allowing you to get the most helpful program for the money you spend. Essentially, this is the phase where we find the right balance between what you want to do and what technology can do.

We may ask to speak with a number of your employees during this phase, especially those who would be responsible for actually using the software. Managers and standard employees often have different ideas about what’s important in a piece of software, and our goal is to ensure that everyone is happy with the final result.

Phase 2: Design

Once we have the basic concept down, our team moves into the design phase. Here, we’ll start refining the concept and building a few models that show how the end result is likely to function. Most companies don’t realize this, but these models are actually one of the most important parts of project management because they allow you, as the customer, to check for problems before we go any further.

It’s actually fairly common for companies to realize that what they thought they wanted isn’t working out very well in practice. If that happens to you, these models will help us figure out why you’re unhappy and adjust things accordingly. The earlier we can catch any problems, the cheaper and easier they are to fix.

Phase 3: Implementation

After the design has been finalized, our programmers will get to work implementing your vision. This phase may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how complex the software needs to be, but we’ll keep you updated and ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to provide input on the final product.

Here at ETHANY, we believe the key to good project management is communication — after all, this is software designed for your business, and nobody knows your company better than you do. If you’ve ever felt like the software you’re using just isn’t meeting your needs, give us a call and we’ll help you get the software you need to bring your business to the next level.

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