database word webAs technology has become an increasingly fundamental part of businesses, database design and management has become more and more integral to the success of your business. Here are the three most important reasons why.

Reason #1: Knowledge Is Power 

Let’s say that two companies each have $10,000 they’d like to spend on marketing. Company A wants to reach as many people as possible, so they put ads in places that a lot of people will see them. Company B, on the other hand, knows that only certain kinds of people will ever buy their products—so they limit their advertising to their potential customers.
In practically every case, Company B will be more successful because they know more about their audience. Targeted advertising, quite frankly, works better than trying to be seen everywhere and hoping people will suddenly care.
Database design matters for this because only a well-made database will be able to record information, then interpret it and produce useful answers. For example, a well-made database could tell you the average value of each customer in any given demographic, split by things like age, ethnicity, location and income. A poorly made database may not even record this information, much less use it to help your business.

Reason #2: Speed Matters

A well-built database is fast enough to handle every request your company makes of it. This isn’t related entirely to volume, either—though, obviously, the bandwidth to handle every query is a not-so-minor matter.
Rather, how fast a database responds will impact how quickly your personnel are able to do their work. If somebody only has to wait a second or two to get a response, there’s going to be no discernible impact on their work. On the other hand, if they have to spend several seconds (or worse, minutes) waiting on a database, their productivity is going to plummet.
This isn’t a hypothetical worry, either. As companies grow, requests to databases tend to increase—often far more than the company originally planned for. Proper database design makes sure the system is ready to scale with your needs, however great they may become.

Reason #3: Security Matters, Too 

Finally, databases often contain details and information that companies really don’t want others to know, including usernames, passwords, personally identifiable information, financial records, and other details. Companies often need this information in order to function, but allowing that information to be put at risk is not an acceptable situation.
Proper database design includes security measures that will protect the information from any unauthorized access. This allows companies to safely make use of the database from anywhere in the world, not just through machines physically connected to it.
Speed, security and capability are critical to any good database, but only good design and management can make them happen. That’s where our team at Ethany comes in. We know how to analyze a business and set up a database that works for your company’s specific needs, so contact us today for a free consultation.
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