person using tablet visiting asp.net.ASP.NET (or Active Server Pages .NET, a part of Microsoft’s .NET development framework) is an enormously popular and powerful option for developing web software. In fact, it’s used with some of the largest websites on the planet thanks to its focus on server-side technology and its ability to dynamically generate web pages that are unique to each user. Here are five major advantages of using ASP.NET.

1) Reduced Coding Requirements

ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of coding required to create many types of web software, which means it can be developed faster — and at a lower cost to you — than similar programs built without this advantage.

2) Self-Regulation

This technology was coded in a way that allows it to regulate itself. For example, if the server detects a problem like infinite looping, significant memory leaks, or any other “illegal” operations, it will automatically work to stop those activities and, in many cases, restart itself. 

3) Emphasis on the Server

ASP.NET functions entirely on the server side of things — which means that it’s broadly compatible with just about any device that people care to use. Furthermore, if they’re accessing your software through a web browser instead of an app, this framework ensures your software will be compatible with that, too. This is particularly valuable in any environment where you can’t completely control the devices that people use to access your software.

4) Integrated Toolkits

Back on the development side of things, Visual Studio was built for compatibility with this framework and has many different tools that can be used with it. Popular options here include drag-and-drop editing and fully automated deployment once something is written.

This helps to speed up the development cycle even more — since many of the most common and routine tasks can be done with a few clicks, developers can focus on the parts of the software that need the most attention.

5) ASP.NET Is Free

You still have to pay for developing software, but this particular framework itself is available for free as part of Microsoft’s general offering of tools. This means you aren’t going to have to pay anything extra in order to get the advantages it offers — and we know how important your budgets are.

Is ASP.NET right for my company?

If you’re looking to acquire any kind of complicated web software, then yes, ASP.NET is almost certainly something you’ll want to take advantage of. If you’re still not sure how it could be put to use for you, our team here at ETHANY can answer your questions and provide the information you need to make the right choice.

Don’t let the limits of the past stop you from reaching the future you want. Contact us today and ask to talk with one of our representatives about acquiring the software your company needs.

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