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Biggest Challenges of Database Design

Databases are key to the success of modern businesses—but there are some common problems that companies face. Here are three of the biggest challenges, as well as the best solutions for each.   1) Unstructured Growth of Data As companies have started to gather more and more data, they’ve often seen that data being stored […..]

4 Benefits of Using the Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for responsive web development, and with good reason. Here are four ways using it could benefit your company.   1) Bootstrap Is Compatible With All DevicesWhether you’re using software for employees or customers, it’s increasingly important to be sure they can access it from any device they […..]

Need to Create Cross Platform Mobile Apps? 3 Benefits of Xamarin

As any programmer can tell you, creating an application for one platform is relatively straightforward. It might be difficult, but the base parameters are known, and they can usually find a way to get it done. Cross-platform apps are another issue entirely, especially if they’re expected to integrate with each other. If you’re considering an […..]

Mobile Application Development: Why a Custom Solution Matters

Businesses are going mobile—ready for the change?Today’s internet users aren’t content to wait until they get home when there’s something on their minds. If they want to do something, they usually want to do it right away. Business mobile application development is the best way to connect with today’s users, and here’s why.   1) […..]